Vintage Cartier Earrings


These ribonette earrings by Cartier are as intricate as they are alluring. A braided ribbon of 18 karat gold is the intricate framework which weaves and winds throughout each piece. Gold also lines the round cut diamonds for support, binding them into a brilliant pattern.

The angles seem to almost spring forward organically, crafting a lively visual effect. Crafted circa 1950, these vintage Cartier 18k earrings capture the daringly inspirational spirit of their time.

Parisian style has often been touted as the vanguard of inventiveness and allure. As true today as it was in the Dadaist era, this reputation is reflected in the stunning French designs which have redefined the world of jewelry, largely due to the creativity of renowned houses such as Cartier. Spectacular and unique, this set of vintage Cartier 18k earrings have a timeless allure.

These gorgeous pieces are signed and numbered to prove their authenticity, and additional photos are available upon request. Contact the M. Khordipour team for more information.

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