Seaman Schepps Earrings


Seaman Schepps design is characterized by bold and whimsical pieces that show a certain affection for their nautical inspirations. That combination of sentiments is strikingly apparent in the Seaman Schepps earrings featured in the M. Khordipour collection, such as the pictured. 18 karat golden bands stride the curvaceous shell-shaped earrings, dotted with delicate and brilliant diamonds. The Seaman Schepps company has been defying expectations with their stunning designs since the early 1930s. Hailing from New York’s Lower East Side, jeweler Seaman Schepps eventually rose to prominence creating jewelry for Coco Chanel, the Duchess of Windsor, and the Du Pont and Rockefeller families. It is his legacy of creativity that has rendered such incredible designs as these unique Seaman Schepps earrings. Schepps’s collections signalled a growing shift in women’s style away from stiff formality to more bold, eclectic fashions that expressed individuality. This shift proved especially popular with American women, for whom casual-yet-elegant designs that featured a variety of precious metals and stones took firm hold as a trend. To inquire about these signed authentic pieces or any other remarkable pieces in our collection, please contact our expert staff today.
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