Seaman Schepps Earrings


As early as ancient Roman times, the moonstone has been prized as a gift signifying passion and devotion, protection from harm, and the ethereal beauty of the moon.

These vintage moonstone earrings from Seaman Schepps capture the mystery and elegance of this enchanting gem and exude confident, expressive 1970’s glamour.

Each earring features a cascade of delicate, oval moonstones, overtaking a complementary curvature of rich, trimmed wood. Each individual piece is encased in lustrous 18K gold prongs, adding a hint of dimension and luminescence.

The daring shape and unique composition of these pieces serve as a gorgeous example of design-driven retro glamor and timeless sophistication. These vintage moonstone earrings are signed and numbered for authenticity by Seaman Schepps.

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