Retro Sapphire and Diamond Earrings


These sapphire and diamond earrings are as unique as they are beautiful, bringing together sleek futurism and classic elegance. Set in delicate platinum, they feature a curvaceous, diamond-studded centerpiece gliding into a series of striking azure-blue sapphire blades that give the earrings their fan shape.

The sense of motion in these antique sapphire earrings is powerful, created by a dynamic interplay of smooth curves and sharp angles.

Since they were created circa 1940, it is easy to place these earrings within the legacy of Cubist art, the influence of which was still strong during that time in history. Like many great Cubist works, they are edgy and graceful all at once.

This unique set of antique sapphire earrings is certain to be a favorite among collectors with a love of authentic retro jewelry.

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