Rare Edwardian Burma Ruby Earrings


These Edwardian earrings are adorned with old mine cut diamonds. Burma ruby earrings begin with the highest quality stones, originating from the Burmese mines famous for their high quality rubies. Each of these amazing Burma rubies is set expertly in these chandelier style earrings, crafted for graceful movement from a lightweight and gorgeous platinum and gold mounting. The earrings are signed and dated circa 1900.

Grace, regalness, and elegance signified the Edwardian Era’s style and adornments. Jewelers of the time employed advances in metallurgy and gemology, allowing them to create some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry that have stood as icons of the Edwardian commitment to the finest jewelry design. Burma, now called Myannmar, has produced most of the world’s rubies used in jewelry design. Many came from Mogok, nicknamed “The Valley of Rubies.” Their hauntingly clear vermilion red is referred to as “Pigeon’s Blood,” and is prized as the finest hue a ruby can possess.

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