Burma Ruby Ring


Whereas many modern rubies and gemstones are modified through artificial processes, such as high-grade heating to improve clarity, or the infusion of glass and other substances to fabricate luster, Burmese rubies are highly regarded around the world for their natural brilliance.

Rubies from Burmese mines are naturally lustrous and rich with vibrant facets, all of which occur organically and are therefore truly one-of-a-kind. This incredibly balanced ring showcases the natural elegance of its 10.73 carat center stone with a golden v-prong setting surrounded by a bridge band of striking inset diamonds.

Owning an object of such great rarity is truly priceless, and this piece is a stunning example of authentic, genuine opulence. This Burma ruby ring is indeed an authentic vintage piece, certified by both the GIA and Gubelin (each certification is available upon request).

A creation of remarkable value, this breathtaking ring is an exemplar of the quality only found in jewelry masterworks. Reach out to the team at M. Khordipour for more info on this or any of our antique engagement rings for sale.

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