Antique 5.46ct Cabochon Cut Emerald Cocktail Ring, Platinum, Circa 1920


Step into the glamour of the Roaring Twenties with this captivating Art Deco ring, a true masterpiece that transcends time. The star of the show is a resplendent cabochon emerald, boasting a substantial weight of approximately 5.46 carats. This lush green gem takes center stage, drawing the eye with its smooth, rounded surface.

Surrounding the emerald, a tapestry of geometric open-work unfolds, adorned with the enchanting sparkle of old European cut diamonds and the subtle charm of rose-cut diamonds. These intricate details showcase the craftsmanship characteristic of the Art Deco era, a period synonymous with sophistication and design innovation.

Adding a touch of symmetry and refinement, two natural emerald-cut emeralds flank the central gem, each weighing approximately 0.20 carats. This thoughtful arrangement harmonizes the composition, creating a balanced and visually pleasing aesthetic.

Meticulously hand-crafted in platinum during the 1920s, this ring not only captures the essence of an era but also stands as a testament to enduring beauty and timeless style.

Ring Size: 7.25 US, Resizable
Metal: Platinum
Stone: Diamond, Emerald
Stone Cut: Cabochon
Style: Art Deco

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