Victorian and Edwardian Necklaces

True beauty is permanent, and even though it has been over a century since the creation of the rare Edwardian and antique Victorian necklaces in our collection, these remarkable historical pieces are more beautiful than ever. Beyond their undeniable visual allure, these Victorian and Edwardian necklaces communicate classic grace, true authenticity, and transcendent luxury.

While diamonds and other vibrant stones unmistakably defined the jewelry of this period, black gemstones also rose to prominence in the late Victorian Era, and continued to find a favored place in jewelry design at the turn of the 20th century. Onyx, black opals, black sapphires, and black diamonds began to appear as dark accents to every piece.

This Edwardian Onyx Necklace reveals the breadth of design and aesthetic innovations of Edwardian necklaces during this period, with striking horizontal rifts of onyx layered with lavish detailing in diamond and pearl.

Perhaps more than any other quality, regal opulence has come to signify the appeal of antique Victorian jewelry. Obvious in this piece, an Edwardian Necklace, crafted circa 1905, is fit for royalty. As a stunning succession of diamonds with delicate bows and floral detailing surround the neck from chin to chest, these diamonds sparkle and shine with alluring sophistication.

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