Retro Necklaces

Whatever the occasion, the perfect statement piece has a way of making a memorable impression. Our collection of rare, authentic, and distinctive retro necklaces offers an array of unforgettable visual statements, ranging from subtle and sophisticated to bold and brilliant.

The vintage retro jewelry in our collection is defined by exquisite craftsmanship, and hails from some of the most notable designers of the 20th century. As a striking example, this Coral Diamond Necklace and Earring Set from Van Cleef and Arpels was signed and numbered by the celebrated jewelry house circa 1960, reflecting the creative and elegant aesthetic of the era.

Other designers in our collection include Bulgari, Buccellati, and other noteworthy creators of fine retro necklaces. While the Bulgari creations tend to embrace vibrant blues and yellow gold, the Buccellati collection is graced with white gold, rubies, and diamond. Though their choice of materials may vary, all of the designers who grace this collection tend towards the bold, the colorful, and the dramatic.

When it comes to collecting the best in vintage retro jewelry, authenticity is key. With over three decades of experience in curation, collection, and appraisal, M. Khordipour is a trusted leader in rare and antique jewelry of extraordinary value and timeless appeal. As you explore our unrivaled collection of retro necklaces, we look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect jewelry to match your own exceptional taste.

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