Art Deco, Retro, and Modern Earrings

As history marches forward, only the most resilient, engaging, and valuable styles endure. This is certainly true of our collection of vintage and retro earrings, which feature a range of stunning designs from bold and brilliant eras past. Whether you’re looking for a striking statement piece or a timeless addition to your fine jewelry collection, our offerings canvass the full range of rare and authentic pieces to comprise the ideal selection.

Our collection of vintage Art Deco earrings reflects the bold innovation and remarkable craftsmanship of this glamorous and forward-looking era. Capitalizing on the clean lines, bold shapes, and vivid colors of the Art Deco period, our moonstone earrings feature concentric arcs of cabochon moonstones and sapphires, creating an effect as timelessly luxurious as it is altogether unique, while these antique art deco earrings, crafted circa 1920, are among our favorites for exceptional retro earrings, revealing the geometric artistry that defined this unforgettable era.

From the innovations of the early 20th century to the distinctive designs of the mid-century and modern era, our collection of rare and antique earrings is curated to suit those with exceptional tastes. For questions regarding our vintage Art Deco earrings, or any other of our fine jewelry pieces, we invite you to reach us anytime.