Top 8 Types of Art Deco Bracelets

by Michael Khordipour September 08, 2016

Top 8 Types of Art Deco Bracelets

When we determine any object, whether jewelry or not, to be of a certain style or period, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that all such things should have some sort of broad similarity but that isn’t always necessarily the case.

Art Deco is a case in point. Although the style is determined by some very recognizable elements, often those elements are far more subtle in some pieces than in others and bracelets are a good example of that.

Our list here are all Art Deco bracelets, but all very different in design and manufacture. From subtle to not so subtle, we give you some of our top Art Deco bracelets.

Cartier Art Deco Bracelet

Cartier Art Deco Bracelet
Elegant, sophisticated, delicate, unique, the list goes on. A stunning bracelet of precisely laid diamonds and punctuated by stunning emeralds, this Cartier masterpiece wouldn’t look out of place on any wrist or in any collection.

Signed and numbered to add to the guarantee of authenticity and collectability, this is a fine example of Cartier at their Art Deco best.  

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Until Chris Evert, this would have just been a plain “diamond bracelet”, at least in name as it’s beauty goes way beyond that description.

Evert had the habit of wearing a diamond bracelet whilst playing and, during one match, the clasp broke and she had to ask the umpire for permission to look for it before play could continue.

And so, the Tennis Bracelet was born, or at least renamed.  

Van Cleef and Arples Bracelets

Van Cleef & Arpels Bracelets
These excellent Van Cleef and Arples bracelets are presented as a combination of diamonds and 18K gold, and are designed to be worn, as many Van Cleef and Arples bracelets are, as a set.

Each of the five is designed to complement the rest perfectly. The soft “clink clink” of a set of Van Cleef and Arples bracelets travelling up and down the lower arm is unmistakable but, it must be said, nothing other than their beauty is needed to draw attention to them.  

Ox Blood Coral Bracelet

Coral is a rare ingredient in modern jewelry design. Now a protected species, even removing coral from its country of origin is usual a crime.

In addition, when working it, coral can be fragile and prone to shattering with pressure applied in the wrong place. This beautiful diamond and ox blood red piece is very unusual and the deep rich red of the coral is the perfect contrast for the bright diamonds.  

Art Deco Sapphire Bracelet

Deco Bracelet
We talked about Art Deco having a set of “rules” for any object to be classed as such, and this beautiful diamond and sapphire bracelet is a wonderful example of the period.

The straight lines, angles and symmetry of Art Deco are clear to see, with the beautiful blue of the sapphires perfectly shining through the expertly set diamonds.  

Buccelati Diamond Bracelet

Buccellati Bracelet
When Mario Buccelati was making a name for himself during the 1920s, he was doing so with designs that were bold and without compromise.

This stunning bracelet is a perfect representation of the designs Buccellati has produced throughout its entire history and continue to do so today.

Fragile, exquisite rose motifs are combined with delicate, multi-layered textures across the whole width if the bracelet, and is an extraordinary example of attention to detail that is hard to beat.  

Art Deco Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet
It’s likely that charm bracelets have their origins in pagan worship, with each charm being used to ward off a particular evil spirit and bad luck.

There’s nothing about bad luck, though, with this literally quite charming bracelet from c.1920. With room to add a final charm of the wearer’s own choosing, only good can come from such a beautiful thing.  

Marcus & Co. Tutti Frutti Bracelet

Tutti Frutti Art Deco Bracelet
Tutti Frutti (literally, all fruits) bracelets became popular in the early 20th century as colored stones became more easily acquired in large numbers.

This spectacular diamond bracelet from legendary New York jewelers Marcus & Co., with 5 cabochon stones set in each of the 3 span sections, reflects the light beautifully from all angles and is perfect for dinner or gala occasions.

Michael Khordipour
Michael Khordipour


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