Edwardian Earrings

At the outset of the 20th century, dramatic shifts in design ushered in a striking new era of aesthetics. Following the high drama and nature inspired colors and designs of the late Victorian Era, the reign of King Edward II introduced elements of bold simplicity, fresh brilliance, and striking visual appeal. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in our curated collection of antique Edwardian earrings.

As evidenced in these Rare Edwardian Burma Ruby Earrings, crafted circa 1900, Edwardian design was nothing if not luxurious. Capitalizing on rare and precious stones, such as the magnificent old mine cut diamonds and pigeon blood Burmese rubies, design elements favored vibrant, regal, and forward-looking composition. Diamonds and platinum were much-loved materials of this era, as exemplified by these stunning Antique Edwardian Earrings.

Much of the Edwardian design elements were inspired by garlands, ribbons, and bows. Present in even the most delicate pieces, the Edwardian bows are evident in several of the selections in the M.Khordipour Edwardian earrings collection.

At once historically grounded and enduringly timeless, Edwardian jewelry has long been prized for its exceptional craftsmanship and undeniable aesthetic allure. Explore our uniquely curated array of rare and remarkable antique Edwardian earrings, whose value stems not only from their historic background or high quality stones, but also from a dedication to balance, beauty, and brilliance that defined this extraordinary time.

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